Show Off Your Blender ScreenShots

I don’t know if this was done before because the search feature on elysiun doesn’t seem to pull up exactly what I’m looking for, so I’ll start a seperate thread.

If you modified your Blender interface, show off a screenshot of your work. I’ll start it off with one of mine . . .

How did u change the colors?

You go to the header (in the top of blender) and pull it down.
You’ll see some buttons, select “themes”. There you can change everything.
Here’s my theme:

Don’t forget to press CTRL U to save the Theme changes or they’ll all be gone when you restart.

Also, note that CTRL U applies to everything as it is at that time, including what objects, cameras, lights etc you have and how your windows are arranged etc.


See mine in the theme repository. (See the link posted by SoftWork.)

Here’s my “theme” thing

That looks like the default theme D_Money.

I think the point of the thread was to show modified stuff.

no i modified it, the menus are different


You can get my Blue Grape theme here (right-click and save-as).

So… where the color theme repository?

[download colors]

[download layout screens with color script included]