Show Off Your Blender ScreenShots

(BrianH) #1

I don’t know if this was done before because the search feature on elysiun doesn’t seem to pull up exactly what I’m looking for, so I’ll start a seperate thread.

If you modified your Blender interface, show off a screenshot of your work. I’ll start it off with one of mine . . .

(sp00k_DK) #2

How did u change the colors?

(SoftWork) #3

(Falgor) #4

You go to the header (in the top of blender) and pull it down.
You’ll see some buttons, select “themes”. There you can change everything.
Here’s my theme:

(AndyD) #5

Don’t forget to press CTRL U to save the Theme changes or they’ll all be gone when you restart.

Also, note that CTRL U applies to everything as it is at that time, including what objects, cameras, lights etc you have and how your windows are arranged etc.


(Duoas) #6

See mine in the theme repository. (See the link posted by SoftWork.)

(D_Money) #7

Here’s my “theme” thing

(Duoas) #8

That looks like the default theme D_Money.

I think the point of the thread was to show modified stuff.

(D_Money) #9

no i modified it, the menus are different

(Duoas) #10


You can get my Blue Grape theme here (right-click and save-as).

(bmud) #11

So… where the color theme repository?

[download colors]

[download layout screens with color script included]