Show panel only when collection is appended in scene

We frequently see in a Panel class:

	def poll(cls, context):
		return context.active_object is not None

Any idea how to make it so that the panel only shows when a collection with a particular name excists in scene. Or in other words: Panel should only show up after appending a particular collection.

Update: coming a bit closer, I found:

>>>    a = 0 
>>> if["Backdrop_01"]: 
...     a = 1
>>> a

So I will try : return[“Backdrop_01”] is not None.
Update: ahw, that didn’t work. That will spawn errors that it couldn’t find backdrop
Update: Oops, I see it. It is asking for context. hmm. def poll(cls, context):

Does this helps?:

def poll(cls, context):
    return 'Backdrop_01' in
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@Secrop Thanks, I will try after work today.
That was the trick.