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This is my PowerBook Titanium with 1st Page 2000 running on windows 2000, Blender running on OS X, and an Xterm running rootless on XFree86.
A boring windy, rainy sat. morning…yawn.

RedHat 7.2, Gnome. If it looks like 4 seperate screenshots stuck together, it is :wink: I have 4 virtual desktops with edge flipping. Edge flipping is pretty good - run blender full screen in one virtual desktop, some tutorial in a neighbouring desktop, then: play with blender, big mouse left, read tutorial, mouse right, repeat :slight_smile: Well, I like it…

Top left is for browsing (shown here is this thread), top right’s for blender (shown here is my current challenge entry), bottom left for terminals (shown here is some Japanese spam :frowning: ), and bottom right is for the gimp (shown here assembling this screenshot).

These days, my wallpaper is my current challenge entry.

The other noteworthy thing is the presence of 2 blender icons in the panel. One is the dynamic version of 2.23, the other is the static version of 2.22 (in case I need to append, or break my video drivers).

I hope this message has been as interesting for you as it has for me :slight_smile:

Looking good!
That is the one thing I miss with OS X, only one desktop :frowning: I do have a utility that works fairly well to give me more virtual desktops though, it would be nice to have it built in.
Linux rulz!

velik:nothing on the terminal, nothing on the 1stPage, nothing on the blender… you really had boring day :slight_smile:


Like I said " A boring windy, rainy sat morning" the kind that saps all desire to do anything, I didn’t even bother with breakfast until 11:30. The active app. was what was showing on the header ‘Grab’

this is what i do alot, its become a nice little routine :x


Kib_Tph it looks like your having better luck with your system than imgranpaboy is. imgranpaboy’s screen should look familiar to may users out there :frowning: