Show us your lightmaps (WARNING: LARGE IMAGES)

Just to show the capabilities of the render baking that can be used for the BGE. Dragons can do the lightmap too:)
The box and floor textures and the curser are from Social’s PFS template but the rest are mine. If you use a build with soft shadows it really helps.:slight_smile:

I can’t see the imgs D=

I can see them just fine, don’t know what’s wrong,

Post them as attachments?

Okay, posted them as links instead, I just don’t get what’s wrong with mudpuddle’s hotlinking since Alltaken upgraded the software.

Do I have to use “blender materials” for light maps or not…can you post .blend to see how it’s done? I know nothig about this matter.

It’s done with use Blender materials on using a second UV channel, look at 3DGuru’s lightmap thread for advice on how it is done.

I think this belongs in WIP.

This is a thread for people to show off what they’ve pulled off with Blender’s lightmapping, I thought of putting this in WIP, but then again I’m not certain since I didn’t intend on making a game WIP thread.