Show UV of Two Separate Objects?


When you click one object, the UV appears in one editor.
When you select an additional object, still only one UV appears. I want both of the UV of the two separate objects to appear.

Is this possible?

?? Which version?? this ios 3.1.2 (selected both object, went into UV workspace, switched into edit mode) :


Seconding @Okidoki , this is already how UVs work. One of your selected objects must not be unwrapped


Maybe unhide, alt h.

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I was a bit puzzled abot that reply… but then again… of course hidden geometry aren’t displayed in UV and UV only for selected face if not set to UV sync selection… some times oneself forgets that this isn’t “obvious” for others… and it also wasn’t for me as anything else (than blender) at the start… :wink:

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I meant unhide in the UV editor. I guess maybe its obvious. Yeah I guess probably.

@josephhansen @a59303 @Okidoki

Thanks for the response. Interestingly, what you mentioned, I already did before I posted this thread.
So I had to recheck my process again.

So apparently what I previously have is

  1. Select Object A.
  2. Go to Edit Mode
  3. Check UV. It is there.
  4. Additionally select Object B.
  5. Check UV. It is not there.

What I should do instead is

  1. Select Object A and Object B both initially
  2. Go to Edit Mode
  3. Check UV. Both of them is now there :slight_smile:


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Hence you could only add another object while in edit mode via the outliner and then that is not in edit mode… double TAB would work also… :wink:

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