Show UVs in edit mode ?

I’m trying to have a uv plane visible in EDIT MODE.

This is my simplified method
3d window is in texture/potato view.
Add mesh Plane. Switch to UV Face Select Mode.
Open a UV Image window. Load an image.
The image instantly appears in the 3d window rotated 90 degrees.
If I unwrap to window the image is not rotated.
Either way, when I switch to edit mode I can’t see the image.

I know it’s possible because I’ve got a tutorial that does it.

Regards, Brian

set the draw mode of your object you want in edit mode to wire or solid

and be in alt+z (textured) mode

Thanks for reply z3r0 d although that didn’t work for me.

I found that the UV textured plane must be in shaded drawtype.
Then selecting a different object and switching to edit mode allows
the UV plane to remain visible - sorted.

The point was to be able to edit a mesh to match the image
so both needed to be visible in edit mode.


the textured plane is one object
the 3d view is in textured mode (alt+z mode)
the drawmode of the object in edit mode is wire

The drawmode of the UV textured plane must be shaded


I’ve been sort of trying to do what Emadigon was trying to do:
I’ve created a plane, assigned an image to both sides.
Now I want to edit the plane, i.e. cut out the image, but I need to be able to see the image on the plane to do that.
I have another mesh (a cube) in the 3D view with a different image assigned to it. When I select the plane for editing I see the cube with its own image and when I select the cube I can only see the plane with its own image. The selected object in edit mode is without an image.
In object mode I see both objects each with its own image perfectly.

Can anyone assist?

you can’t see images applied to the object you are editing in edit mode

[there are “plans” for this but it will be after 2.40]

I’ll try to figure out a workaround. %|