Show Vertex Groups/Weights

A pretty simple little script that should be helpful when you’re weight-painting meshes for rigs (or… more to the point, fixing weight paints).

When enabled, you can go to the Properties region of the 3D View and click the “Show Vertex Group Weights” button in the Show Weights panel. This enables an overlay in the 3D View that displays the vertex group assignments and corresponding weights for each selected vertex. A more tabular form of this data also shows in the same panel of the 3D View’s Properties region.

This script requires the most recent bmesh python api. It also borrows some code from Bart Crouch’s old Index Visualiser add-on for the overlay (thanks Crouch!).

Known issue: Updating vertex group information in Edit mode will not update the values in the 3D View. To get these values updated, you must either toggle Edit mode or toggle the Show Vertex Group Weights operator.

Little update to the script (now v0.4.0). Now you can adjust and assign weights for selected vertices right from the Properties region of the 3D View (rather than just seeing the weights). Direct link has been updated in the parent.

Okay, this is very helpful! Especially with the editable parameters in the properties box. I remember you mentioning you were going to do this, but I didn’t envision it being this awesome.

Then good news! I just updated the script some more (v0.5.0)! The direct download link is in the parent. Here’s the basic changes:

  • Overlay now features a drop shadow.
  • Overlay text uses the theme color for active vertex selection.
  • Overlay text for the active vertex is slightly brighter than text for other selected vertices.
  • Show Weights panel in the Properties region always shows the active vertex, but only optionally shows other selected vertices
  • For each vertex, you can adjust and assign new weights for its constiuent groups as well as remove the vertex from the group
  • Weight adjustments are now prettier with nicer grouping and slider display

Still to do: Show normalized weights and allow for adding a vertex to an existing vertex group

Just another little update (v0.6.0 - direct download link in parent has been updated). Now you can add the active vertex to an existing vertex group (if it’s not already a member) or create a new vertex group.

I haven’t quite figured out how to do this for every selected vertex, but in that case, it’s probably easier to use the Vertex Groups panel in Mesh Properties.

I’ve also noticed that this add-on seems to expose a display bug in Blender. Not sure what the cause of this is, though. If anyone else runs across it, please let me know. I’ll update the bug report to let Blender devs know other users can reproduce the error.

Updated to 0.7.0 to use the new bmesh support for vertex groups. This eliminates a couple of the instances where I toggled edit mode from within an operator, but not all of them.

In any case, the script is updated and still works nicely :slight_smile:

Small update on this one (v0.7.1)… but the big news is that it’s now in contrib. Direct link (and wiki link; it’s now in the Mesh category instead of Rigging) in the OP has been updated.

This script is very useful. Thanks so much for working on it. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I’m glad you’re finding it useful. Let me know if you run into any issues with it or have an ideas for improvement.

Hi, thanks for this useful addon.
I found a odd behavior when the addon is enabled, the vertex group sliders in the “N” panel no longer works until the addon is disabled.
Also, when change the vertex weights in the addon sliders and click the “assign weights” button the new weights are not displayed until the values in the sliders are edited again.

Addon version 0.7.1
Blender version 2.63/2.64 and 2.65a
OS Linux x86-64

Sorry if my english is not pretty good.
I made a short video that shows what i told before.

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the heads-up. Yeah… there have been some API adjustments recently that have an effect on this add-on’s behavior. Hopefully I can get around to whipping it into shape some time soon.

ok thanks, waiting for an update and thanks for your work. happy blending and happy 2013 :slight_smile: