Show vertices in object mode

I would like to use curve convert to mesch to use it like a spline cage and snap on it my poly. But in object mode it’s impossible to see the vertices.

In fact the method is: make a spline cage (bezier) turn it on mesch show the vertices in object mode freeze it,create a poly and snap on it to make the surface.

How can I display the vertice on it in object mode?

Thanks by advance for your help.

You can either set wireframes to visible in the viewport overlays. That is one of the drop down menus in the right upper corner of the viewport.
Or you can set wireframes visible per object in
properties panel -> object panel -> viewport display -> wireframe

Thanks for the response.
Yes I’ll use the wireframe option but on a spline transform in mesh it’s not very visible.
In fact I’would like to see the vertices over the spline mesh.

Anyway I’ll just discover on a spline (bezier) I could snap the poly,don’t know how it works but in vertex snap mode I could snap to the bezier. Perheaps it’s the soluce?

Thanks for the help.

I don’t really understand what you are trying to do.
Are you trying to make the vertices of a mesh visible or of a spline?

I think making the vertices of a spline visible is not possible unfortunately.

It was a spline convert to mesch but impossible to see the vertices on it (like box for example) but I ll notice that in a bezier curve I’ll could snap on it’s like there is some vertices. Sometime it work sometime not.

It’s possible also to use cage without snap to it with a subdiv.

In fact I’ll use sometime the spline cage modelling workflow like a blueprint in 3D.

Thanks for all.

I wasn’t able to understand what you said in any of your comments. Where are you from? Do you speak Spanish or Portuguese?

Hello, I’m French and yes my English is not top.
what I’m trying to say is that I would like to use the “spline cage” method to have a kind of 3D blueprint but I can’t see the vertices on the beziers converted to mesch. And it’s very difficult to snap precisely on it.

Here is a picture to show you.

Thanks by advance.

Why, instead of using a line, you don’t select the edges of the geometry that makes the lines you want, duplicate them and separate them into a second object?

Its works better at snapping than the lines.

You want to make a blueprint of a mesh you already have, right?

Thanks for the response.

“You want to make a blueprint of a mesh you already have, right?”
No in fact I have a 2d blueprint and from this I’ll create with bezier curve a sort 3D blueprint and from the curve I ll snap on it the vertice from a plane create after.
There is first the spline cage and after the surface snap to it.

In blender 2.79 it work great but in 2.91 I’ll can’t snap to the curve or the mesch line create from the curve. I’ll can’t see the vertices (of the mesch curve) to snap my plane or surface on it.
The curve cage is a template for my surface. Very useful when we can snap to it.