show your -best- blender render

well, i liked the “show your first blender render” so much. that i thought maybe people would like to get a chance to show what they consider their best render

don’t be modest people…i know there’s n00bs out there who may not have some that are as good as @ndy or BdGM but still…be proud of your artwork and show your best here !

side note: i also have wanted to see everyone’s good art in one place without having to search far and wide all over the forum/web.

so anyways…here’s mine(that i have access to here at college)

great thread nehpets! :smiley: now it’s complete :wink: …well, ectually we haven’t asked for “show your ugliest render” :stuck_out_tongue:

ok my best render…but 2 months is just too few to get something good :expressionless:

Blender 2.34 - internal renderer.
(I assume the thread is show your best BLENDER-related render)

Well, personally, I think this one is my best to date, as far as a final render goes:



Here’s my best so far…


Here is mine so far… for a project that I never seem to have time to work on. Crazy freelance work takin up my time!
Click for larger version.

This is a newer one… It is actually one of my best looking renderes. Submitted it for one of the Splash competitions.

Click Here

Mmm…pretty nice there Jedicinema!

Nice thread everyone, keep em coming! I love a Quality-thread!

Good topic! :slight_smile: We’re going to see (and have been seeing) some great work here!

Here’s mine:

Im thinking of removing my picture this is embarrasing :frowning:

especially because this is gonna be a huge thread :expressionless:

This pic is not too old, so u can remeber it, but this is my best render so far.

Aha, now we’re getting somewhere!

I guess it’s my ‘Loyal servant’:
Click for big version:

Some post-production was acquired though…


Not too shaby. :wink:

Here is probably my best so far, embarrasing as it is :expressionless:

I like a number of things I’ve done with Blender, but this is by far the one I am most proud of. Modelled after Penn Station in New York City (~1924 I think).


Click thumbnail for full image.

Pssibly not my best render but considering Tron is what got me interested in cgi all those years ago it’s the one I am most happy with ever completing.

this is wonderful you guys !

job: don’t be embarrased at all ! you’ve put hard work into that…you’ll be able to look back in the future at this thread and say “wow, i’ve really improved !” and thats what being an artist is all about :] improving yourself

great renders guys

(fixed the title to include the word “blender”)

Still playing around with it to iron out all the kinks. Last major one is at the latissimus dorsi…

bg is just an old Caldera wallpaper

Here’s mine:

how do I post picture directly instead of link?

Nice render Duoas …but as long as you’re still playing with it I’d like to point out the right foot. It looks kind of funny.

I didn’t get in on the first render thread, mostly because it was done only 3 1/2 months ago.

This one I concider my best even though I never did get the barrel & contents to look the way I wanted them to.