show your -best- blender render

You place the URL (adres) between these instead of these

… as long as your image isn’t too big :wink:

my best render
simulated AO with shadow buffer lamp
+one shadow buffer lamp from left
stucci texture
small mist and stars added
I added noise in Photoshop for better photorealism
real raytrace reflection on the cube, but with small value so we can’t see

Oh you are hilarious endi.

Some great stuff here :slight_smile:

Is it for renders done purely in Blender (ie. no post pro in another program), or is post pro allowed?

Endi, any chance of a video tutorial on how to do that cube?

yeah i was thinking the same,that must be very complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, that’s actualyl quite interesting. I dont like the background at all, but character, and the pose is very interesting.

endi: ooh, that is just sooooooooooooo stolen from intrr’s work “yellow cube with interesting lighting”, except your lighting is no interesting. and that yellow looks more like purple. nevertheless, I decided to help you out, and give it the final touch. (as I did for intrr)


You place the URL (adres) between these instead of these

… as long as your image isn’t too big ;)[/quote]

TY :smiley:

And here it is. :slight_smile:

my first and for now best render is curently in develoopment so um… maybe ill take part on this stuff later

wtf? this is a render?? oO
how did u do that?

uhh creepy… just like i love it
i see a lot of stuff at wich u could have worked on to make it look better (i mean in my opinion :wink: but i think this piece is more artistical and not one wich claims to be a fotorealistic one…
so the most important thing is that u like it :wink:

I think this is probably my best, though it obviously has some post pro:

u - l glad you like it! Yes it’s a straight render, pure blender with only internal procedural textures. Basically it’s just a regular head model that i adjusted a bit, and applied alot of bump and displacement maps too. The tenticles are spheres with displacemnt that are dupliverted to a particle emitter, and the background is just a plane with a bunch of textures applied to it. Just took a lot of experimentation really.

Very impressive Arowe :slight_smile: Actually I think that could make a good Album cover for some kind of death rock band or something hehe.

thanks =KH=Lupus! I actually was approached by a member of such a band asking to use it as a logo of some sort on their cd…

Probably my best model.

My best render, I think. :wink:


Overally, I think this one may be the best I’ve done.

Great thread idea!

wow, i never thought i would actually start a -popular- thread…anyways, keep up the good work guys ! lovin the renders !

my best render is probably City Light,

while my best model gotta be the Skadi,

great thread! amazing images!!

here is mine… it was the image that takes me more time to be finished… so… here it is!

I just love Venom’s style :slight_smile:

And I’m going to ignore the other pictures because they make me purple with jealousy :x

Here’s mine:[/list]

I would have to say Fusion:
Mostly because its one of the few projects that i got around to finishing. :slight_smile: