Show your .blends showing techniques. (link fixed, (hopefully))

(Didn’t want to waste space in my art gallery)
This .blend shows a simple example of a terrain slope detection setup using 2 lamp groups, ramps, 2 materials, and nodes using simple colors for the setup.

-1 lamp group that gives the actual scene lighting
-1 lamp group that gives the lighting needed for slope detection
-Using a red, green, and grey color I show this can be done for slopes, and even have a different material on the bottom of overhangs
-Nodes show setup on how it can be independent of AAO lighting.

EDIT: Oops, switched node connections around so the ramp material uses diffuse shading instead if color so it’s independent from AAO lighting, color made it AAO dependent so I fixed that.

link is 404

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Why don’t you write it up and put it in the wiki?

Just to note the link has been fixed for a few days, I checked it just now and it works.

Why don’t you write it up and put it in the wiki?

Sounds like a good idea.

You try so hard.

If you really want to get this off the ground, I think you’ll need a blend file with a more impressive output than

I took the liberty of untangling the node set up.

I couldn’t find any indication that the lamps were grouped. Four of the lamp objects appear to be duplicates, all linked to the same Lamp. There’s no text explaining anything. It would be nice it the file had some indication of what the controls are. I suppose it’s the color ramps, and I may play around with it tomorrow to verify that, but you actually know what they are, and could have said so.

in the node setup, it looks like an olive, lol

Orinoco, the linked lamps are needed for the diffuse information for the material that gives the mesh those colors.

Also, I used two materials, one gets lighting from those lamps, the other gets the colors from that material’s diffuse information and you can set up a lamp setup however for that material.

Both materials use lights only from a group, if the lamps are green like they are when I see the .blend file, that means they’re part of a group.

Then why not say so in the blend file? Insert some text. Explain the lamp set up. Explain the material set up. Why do we have to pry the information out of you in little bits?

It’s like pulling hen’s teeth.

Blender has a way to put things together called “group.” It would be nice if you would not take other aspects of Blender and decide on your own to call that a “group” as well. That will just confuse people. If the lamps are grouped, I couldn’t find the screen or panel that showed them marked as part of a group.