Show your default blend setup

Hey, with a lot of discussion about GUI going on, I thought it might be interesting to view peoples’ default blend file. Maybe we can get pointers from one another’s setups or something.

So yeah post a screenshot of what your default blend looks like.

your image is about 1.5 MEG
maybe fix this before they hang you! :wink:

Other than that, great idea for an off topic thread!

As far as your screen shot goes, I rate it a 2 out of 10 (not practical for fast flowing work style as you’d be better off with different work spaces)

Awesome isn’t it :slight_smile:

My defaults for
1: modeling
2: UV
3: material, rendering and etc.

Wow, overkill!

Kay, mine is much simpler,

I have a custom event handler that allows me to just use a tablet pc (OR STANDARD WACOM) for input and use no key shortcuts at all (well almost). I usually just work in the one window, sometimes I’ll add an outliner and spolit the main view into two, the view on the right I change to whatever i need, uvimage editor, node window, whatever. this gives me 3-4 windows max…

I customise to the task directly, so my default is pretty simple really wheras any individual blend can be much more complex depending on the task at hand.

Here’s my default start scene. :cool:

Yay! I doodled on it for the horizontal buttons thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is mine, simple and clean:

My default scene and render settings.

Here’s mine

Ha! Over at BlenderNewbies we’re ahead of you.

Here is mine. Nice and simple.
When im not using UV’s or textures, i remove the window to give me more space…apart from that its just the outliner and the scripts window :slight_smile:

This is how it looks when I start

And this is how it usually looks like in the end

Some people have really big monitors ><

Heres mine: