show your professional work

This thread is For how want to show your professional work ,
like me This is my professional .
This is my first rendering with hypershot software. the model was downloaded form net
no postpro.


First, welcome to BA.

Then it would be intresting what you understand in professional work… commercial work?
Further, to show your work to others there is the Artwork/Finished Projects subforum.

And then i suggest you post your image first in Focused Critique…

I see some flaws… The lighting is off between the sky, the image and your render.
The water on the floor is reflecting everything but the car ^^
and your carpaint needs some overhaul too IMO.
As for the model itself it looks very clean and professional.
I also would use some external renderer, you get nicer effects on the carpaint, as well as the caustics of the headlights and the car windows will look ways better.
As for the light setup, the shadow of the woman clearly indicates where the light is coming from, your car got some nice GI, but the rest of the direct light is coming from the wrong direction and same goes for the sky, the clouds are illuminated from the wrong direction.

Oh, and the link to your blog has a type mismatch… its “” ATM.

thank you for welcoming me, and i will fix the render soon … :o

and i fix the info about the model and i fix the link of my blog.
i am new on this 3D, but my pro is rendering cars etc,
am learning and comments help me more.
sorry for my English!

welcome to our world earthing!
@ arexma spot on! :yes:
just can`t keep it in me! played with your render sorry! I did this on the fly 30 mint i think!
its not that good but you know! :stuck_out_tongue:


So i see no One have professional work ?:eek:

Are you trying to imply Blender can’t make professional work because you posted a not-made-in-Blender image?

Endi has professional work, and he did it in Blender.

I sold a number of art pieces I’ve made, I sold them for 30 dollars a piece historically and many people thought I’m underpricing my work, but keeping prices low will be a good thing if the recession gets worse.

…i wanted to leave the blunt hammer in the chest.

  1. i dont consider your work professional, granted its not bad, but it lacks major basics to leap over to the pro corner.

  2. you are in the wrong subforum. go to test, focused critique or finished work.

im not going to post all my shit here, youre better off taking a look around, figuring out whos using Blender professionally and checking out their websites.

Um, fuck off with your troll rant CD. Are you really that Sad that you have to turn a simple comment that is clearly because no one has posted their examples, as a bash against blender? Get a grip on life!

And yet another usless and stupid comment to join the pile of utter bullshit.


Not too sure what you are referring to in terms of ‘professional’ works, even more confusing when you say you are only “pro” at “rendering cars”.

As someone else pointed out, generally we’d assume you’re refering towards the relm of “commercial works” with that kind of phrase.

If you’re looking for good examples, then see the two blender open movies. A few people have posted their commercial projects in the finished forums section in the past, which account for very little so I wouldn’t expect to many people to post here.

Now, if you’re not on about commercial works but rather, just high quality CG - look at the gallery and simlar forums sections, certainly no need for a forum post.

Wow Lukus, you’re as biased against me as Bigbad, then again, you liking me or even remotely agreeing would be a deadly sin for you.

Do you even know what biased means? Stop making stupid, shitty comments and I won’t need to make any comments towards you. seriously, how many times have you been banned? /on the edge of being banned? /Made a thread about being hated by the whole forum? Oh right i forgot, you’re always right everyone else in the whole world happens to be wrong everytime!

Besides, I do somewhat agree with you - Yes Bigbad is certainly an awsome person. Glad you noticed! Maybe you should listen to him more, you might learn a thing or two about common sense and if you’re lucky you might have a 1% chance at getting a girlfriend that way!

Yeh, I’m not a very nice person :slight_smile: love you lots kiss kiss xx

I feel there is something wrong here!
can it be a test to see how we think? can it be a test of some kind? and his new here!
what this mean? hoh my ! F bombs start to come out! :spin:
@ Civx I think you read what they say, I have not thing to apply more.
Hope not that this thread will go any more deep than this coz you know what will happen :eyebrowlift:!

^ I agree with lukus, if it makes any difference.

Doesn’t “professional” litteraly mean you got payed for it?

ok, it’s not going anywhere.