Show yourself!

I was thinking the other day and I’ve been on this forum for a while now and I know some names really well. The thing is I’ve never seen any of you as far as I can recall. So, I thought, why don’t we post our self portraits on here so we have faces with our names. I’ll post mine later since it isnt on this computer but if you have one and wanna share go for it!

Hope this isnt a dumb idea. I thought it sounded kinda fun.

Alltaken has started a thread similar to this, but with so many new members I think it’s time for a new one. I’ll post as soon as I take a recent picture. = )

I think you better reuse the old one before they come and shoot you… you wont look as pretty with a bullet whol in the middle of your face… that would suck

it might be locked… but you should still go check it.

Here it is if you don’t feel like looking.

Leave it to rolandixor to kill a perfectly good thread:p

Good job FadieZ just what I was going to post that there is already a thread starting on this topic here. I posted already a pic on me on that old thread a long time ago. just skim through it to find it Lol


yeah threads been done, so many ugly people on this forum, please dont bring that thread back to life…dang you people are gross looking!

however, when i post my personal photo chicks go wild, nuts, bonkers. my private messages get filled up with dirty photos of girls blendering while …well…dude, enough already, the wu has skills, but what i do to women should be against the law…its actually pretty sad…

however, i did find a good photo of AndyD, here he is posing with a nice clock…

i would if you could poast atachments on this form :frowning:

Not me I am dam sexy. How else would you explain me scoring my ex-girlfriends :cool:

But really putting that asides I personaly would not mind a ugly chick no offens to any female blender users here. As long as they have a good attitude that is not demanding or anoying in other words thats basicly all thats good :eyebrowlift2:. But thats my opinion.

Haha! It’s Grandpa Munster…

The actor that played him died this past year…

@ hessiess:

  1. Go here
  2. Sign up
  3. Upload your pics
  4. Post away

So who’s in favour of letting this thread die and using the other one Super-Wu revived?