Showcar Illustration for Brose GmbH


i finished my work on the brose showcar- a very interesting project, maybe you like to know more about it. Here`s a short faq:

Why i?

normally i`m a technical draftsman for brose, doing CAD work for your customers (but soon industrial design student). My boss knows about my 3D hobby- and a few months ago, your marketing department searches for somebody who is familiar with 3D programs, to build a 3D car. My boss said “yes, i know somebody” and the project starts…


automotive supplier, headquarters Coburg (Bavaria, Germany), 2006 turnover of about 2.3 billion euros, about 9,100 employees worldwide.

don`t know the car design?

yes, the car design includes design aspects from (almost) every brose customer- basically BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volvo. In former times we had an Audi 8 (Photo) as Showcar but we produce not only for this customer- so we needed a universal showcar. Proportion model was a mercedes S-class.

production time?

i got 4 days to work on it (speed modeling :slight_smile: )- and some hours for rendering and carbody modifications. There was time pressure because of an exhibition.

3D data?

500.000 Polygons, Poly by Poly Modeling, The final render took 3 hours (4500 x 2100 px), rendered with the internal renderer.

conclusion: i had much fun with is project. If you want, you can see it at the IAA Motor Show at Frankfurt (the printed version :slight_smile: ). Just look for the brose booth.

brochure scan:

3D render (original 4500 x 2100 px)


that’s really slick!

was the transparency effect done in blender?

no, i had to render the car interieur and exterieur and a graphic artist from the marketing department composed the 2 images together (in Photoshop).

Sweet one- looks great.