Shower faucet - fast work, exercise, experiment

Each free day I am doing some exercise with aspects I am not really confident. This time I tried fluid simulation, which I did not use. As it was not animation I used just one stream, and applied different frames of one stream animation to make these multiple(in fact only 12) streams which I randomly distributed. Simple glass shader used for water with 1.333 for IOR. Everything else - nothing special. No external apps - only compositor.

If You like, press +1 at my portfolio. Thank You!

I like it a lot, looks realistic, and great attention to detail. Great use of lighting, i like that you used warm cold contrast.

very nice one, is the metal shader bump procedural?

I could make bump procedural, but I decided to not waste time on that. So I found some scratches seamless texture. But glossiness varies with procedural noise with mask from pointiness.

Thank You a lot!

this is a really inspiring image, I can support here. 5 starts.

Thank You! I could not belive that such image could inspire someone :slight_smile:

Yes indeed this image inspired me too…:slight_smile: looking at this image I decided to make a man taking shower for my Animation short, which first I thought to cheat with editing or something…but now I’m giving it a try with fluid simulation with constant failure.grinvaldsjanis, can you tell me how you achieved those thin stream of water and droplets.

Excellent work going well.

Good work on the metal detail, but those drops… really capture the physics well!


Sorry for late response. Seems that I am not receiving notifications from forum.
To achieve such droplets You need to make emitter from small octagons mimicking holes of faucet.

Looks realistic. Nice!

Nice work!

Great approach for the water particles :wink: I bet that method saved a lot of computing time!

I like the shading too, and the simplistic design of the faucet :slight_smile: