Shower head (industrial design) photos of modeled object

My own design, my own making of it. this is a water efficient showerhead with a wand mode, like a comb for rinsing out hair. just flick the switch, flicking the switch half way will have the showerhead and the top central nozzle working…

the printed plastic bag there is part of the kit and used to test your current shower water usage. hold it under your shower for 15 seconds and it will tell you the litres per minute usage.

opinions and crit.


did you machine that thing yourself?

The build quality is amazing! I can’t really comment of the design, it seems a bit complicated for a shower head,

yep turned all the metal fittings out of mild steel, built the wall braket out of car-bog and cebatol (basicly pre cast car bog for machining, has no grain, and hold very sharp edges without chipping. is soft and easy to work with)

the only exceptions are the screw fitting for the shower hose, and the shower hose. the screw fitting i needed to totally dismantel a tap cut the end shorter :stuck_out_tongue: (all so the hose could screw on and off)

as for the complication of this showerhead… you seen any new showerheads? (mine is far less complicated he he, some of them you would need a PHD to use in the first place)



Love the design. You should submit it to one (or more) of those arts/design/fashion/architecture magazines.

you can submitt stuff to them? wow i didn’t realise i thought they picked you from doing research. if i can into them i would certainly submit it to them


Well, since computer art magazines take submissions for art, why not interior design magazines take submissions for interior art? But I do not have specific suggestions in mind. I just remember seeing a lot of funky adds and such in those magazines and your showerhead reminded me of it.

That’s seriously cool that you built it yourself! Facinating design, really retro-looking.

That is the coolest shower head design I have ever seen.

You should submit it to Kohler or someone who actually manufactures these things. You may get them actually made.

Superb design.


Bravo, Bravo!

When can i order one!

Very nice, although to comment further I’d really need to see it up close.

Maybe you could post it to me, I could even give it an indefinite testing period.



Very nice piece. Well executed. I find the balance in the spacing of the nozzles a little off. Maybe it has to do with the function of the thing? Enlighten me please.

Great job!

Where do I order one? Does it plug into American water spouts?


yes i agree. i think it is to do with the size of the first nozzle that has the extra holes on it. that is somthing i would like to alter.

i also think the wall bracket needs altering, there are not really any shots of that here.

Where do I order one? Does it plug into American water spouts?

you don’t order one :(, nothing i have designed has been made yet.

yes it would fit american spouts, but its an anti bush showerhead so it won’t fit spouts of republicans :stuck_out_tongue: :P… it uses standard hose fittings.

really retro-looking.

hmmm really? most people say it looks like a telephone :stuck_out_tongue:
yep built myself over a few days. spraypainted myself…

Kohler or someone who actually manufactures these things

yeah good idea i think i will do it soon.

When can i order one!

i wish i could say this was done for a company LOL, maybe after i submitt it to a company

I’d really need to see it up close.

it actually looks just as good :wink: if you look at a few tiny bits its a bit of bad modelmaking, but most of it is very smooth. BTW it doesn’t work, its solid made of plasticish material



Are you kidding us?

My jaw completely dropped down on the floor when I saw that
showerhead thinking that it was some kind of fancy “Jacob-Jensen”

That design must be SURE to sell! I deny to believe that you can’t sell
design i that top-class you have there.

I believe you must get out in touch more with the companies, that’s
just amazing stuff!!! :o

I knew you where good, that you’ve shown us many times Alltaken,
but I had no idea you where world-class…the showerhead is sure
proof of that! Keep churning out stuff like that and we’d be scraping
at your door one day saying “do you remember us?” :smiley:

Have faith man! Your work is awesome!

i contacted the only big NZ showerhead company last night by email, i hope i have a response by monday or tuesday.

i know my stuff is world class, but its not about the idea, its about who you know.


Actually never mind I won’t buy anything from a commie or his commie country.


:stuck_out_tongue: good thing i don’t live in China eh? :wink:


Is it rendered under Blender or Yafray?

I wish i could make a brushed metal like you. What’s the trick?

It’s real. Read the whole post :wink:

The only problem I see is that if it ever gets made into a real shower head it’ll be too expensive for me :confused: