Shower Sim - Domain Scale(?)


I am simulating a shower head flowing by using an array of spheres to create the individual water streams. It works great when the domain is closely scaled to the emitter. Problem is, the water starts to splash along the sides of the domain cube. When I scale the domain out to avoid hitting it’s walls, the water streams become less distinct and turn into large blobs. Is there a way to fix that?

Attached file is the ‘blob’ result.



Drench Flow.3.blend (1.32 MB)

Scaling up the domain means you need to increase the resolution if you wish the quality to remain the same. Since the resolution is calculated over the size of the domain.

Thank you! My emitter is a small object compared to the domain, so that does make sense. I jacked up the res to 200. Now, if I could just get Blender not to crash when that bakes…lol.