Shower Tube for Cycles Principled

Tough i share the node setup for everyone. I’m worried if my math nodes do what they should or one may be inverted. IOR and specularity need to be adjusted to your type of metal and plastic.

Smooth Minimum was intended to get back some falloff from the initial wave texture and control the roundness.


is this like a bevel curve to mesh and add UV texture ?

thanks for sharing
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Looks very nice, though transmission? I see it would go to non-metallic rings, but why?

It’s a 8 vert cylinder. Shift+D > Translate > Bridge. To get irregularities, some proportional editing is done. After all just the Sub-D Modifier. It’s nothing fancy and i just made it to hold up to ~30cm camera distance.

A solidified plastic tube with a detached metal part inside will increase the render time and introduce quite more noise.

@Acrivec Transmission should just go through the plastic stripes, the noise gathering on this parts gonna confirm it quite well.

tried nodes and did not work yet

can you upload sample file so we can understand it

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On 90% of tubes this part is either metal too, or black rubber.
Transparent ones are very rare, and they get yellow very fast.
Also, if you are using the rubber + metal combo, turn on clearcoat, or perhaps try an actual geometry, because those metal parts are behind a layer of transparent rubber too :smiley:

Often these kinds of flexible hoses are spiral. Here is the approach I would use, on a simple bezier curve as the object. I can mute/unmute displacement/bump depending on what kind of detail I need while the bump response remain the same, and if I want cylindrical sliding like you have on yours I just mute the math/add node at the start.


Yay, my first time using this forum feature, lol.