Showing internal face edges in a render

Hi all,
Does anyone know of a way that I can render an image (a pyramid) so that the front face (which is made up of multiple quads) shows the inside edges of the faces which make up the entire front? I’ve tried using the edge setting, but that just renders the outside edges of the entire object(pyramid). Each face on this pyramid has been assigned its own material.
It’s an odd request but it’s for a presentation.

Thanks for any help



I haven’t got a clear idea of what this looks like. Could you post a couple of screen shots?

If anyone knows how to reveal all edges of faces in a model in a final render, please tell :o
The idea is that I will make an animation where the faces open up, one by one, out of the pyramid as if they are all drawers, and stuff will come out of each draw. But I want the edges of each draw to be seen in the final animation. Each draw will have a label on it’s face.


I see. I was confused by that “inside edges” thing. The post Fligh suggested will do what you want. It’s not “edge” but “draw wires.”

Thanks Orinoco,
Yeah I’ve confused the whole thing. Fligh’s post doesn’t do exactly what I want. I would like to be able to see all face edges in the final animation so that it can be easily seen exactly how the pyramid has been built. As if you could see the outlines of the polygons/triangles I used to make the pyramid.
Image three is how I would like to see it in the final animation, but that is a window shot from the 3d view. With a proper render, I get image 2 in which you can see the edges on the outside of the pyramid, but not on the ‘inside’ of the faces that make up the shape.

Any further thoughts? :yes:

I’ve been checking into this a bit more, and the method Fligh pointed you to seems to work only with the “Render this window” button on the 3d window header, but not with a regular F12 render. And, it’s fluky: sometimes it doesn’t show all the wires. But your animation uses the regular render, so none of that will show up anyway.

Somehow you have to get the edges you want modeled into the pyramid itself. A quick and dirty method to do this is to select the faces you want to see edges on (I’m assuming everything on the front of the pyramid.) Then extrude>>individual faces, escape to cancel the automatic grab and move, then grab and constrain to y and move all the faces out a bit. Then select them one by one, and scale them down a bit. This will give you a notch between the faces, which will cast a shadow in the render, and give you the lines you are looking for.

As an alternate, don’t move the new faces at all, just scale them in a bit (use numeric input, something like 0.995 to keep everything uniform) and then select and color the new skinny faces black.

This is how the first method would look. I didn’t select and scale the triangular faces at the top of the pyramid, so the topmost “drawer” doesn’t have a shadow on the left side.

Cheers very much Orinoco!
That’s been a massive help! :smiley:

what if you did it in two passes…one as a solid final render, and the other as a wireframe render. Then composite them together with either the compositor or the sequencer. Another alternative might the toon render?