Showing Mouse Cursor

hello i’m working on my new isometric game but i am newbie in bge. i don’t know how to show mouse cursor, someone help me :frowning:

Properties Editor/Render Tab/Display Panel -> Mouse Cursor Checkbox

Can i ask you moe question? i can see my cursor thanks now

here look at this on 07.00 he moves cursor on the scene and camera moves the cursor i want the do that

another thing as you can see on the video, character and npc’s move on the on selected hexagons, how i can do hexagon floors on level designs.

i know asking too much but i need the learn that

P.S sorry for bad language im new in too :smiley:

I think you might be wanting to do too much if you are just starting. Think of the first thing you want to do and do that…you should not start out with a big plan if you have no idea how you are going to execute it…

I hope I am not sounding rude, it is not my intention…it’s only that your initial question was simple and clear…your second question was a much more intricate scenario that is not easily answered…there are many steps involved in it.
rayCasting, reading and storing vectors, movement, etc…each of which is a topic all on it’s own…
So help us help you…figure out the first and smallest step in your project and ask how to do that :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Thanks for the critizing and answer. İ know im acting like children, sorry for this. as you say i need roadmap and slowly upgrade myself, im look internet for the isometric things but i found so much information about architecture and engineering little about games and im so desperate on getting information. about you say rayCasting reading storing vectors … İ will work on this things.