Showing off Blender quality

Fair enough.

I just watched the Blender’s demo reel for SIGGRAPH. It was very well done, although somewhat bland. It showed some of the best stills and animations created by the Blender community, and will be sure to impress a lot of people.

However, harking back to my previous suggestion, the quality of still images created by Blender were technically not much better than those created by low-end commercial apps. What was most impressive for me, were the animations, because the complexity of some of those animations really showed Blender’s competitiveness in mainstream (advertising, visualisation, broadcast) 3D work, comparable to the capabilities of mid-range commercial software.

A big hurdle seems to be the lack of really high-calibre aritists using Blender, compared to the artists using high-end commercial software. Many of the still images in the demo reel were created by @ndy, who is undoubtedly one of the best Blender artists in the community. But it was odd to see his name appear again and again… and again. Viewers might look at that and think: “why are so many of these things made by that one guy?” We need more artists of similar calibre – I’m sure that there are some Elysiun members (Robertt, Speedtiti, Endi, etc. spring to mind) who could have much to contribute in the artistic arena.

I do agree, hence my call onto the ‘Blender masters’.

[quote]I think the Japanese have already proven that statement wrong for at least thirty or fourty years.
Ah, the difference is that the Japanese did not merely copy. They copied and added their own innovations. ;)[/quote]Although this is getting very much of topic: I didn’t say they ‘just’ copied. But actually, they started out copying. The innovation came later (if you want to know more about it, start reading up on the history of ‘quality assurance’).

Now, does the quality of the world’s opinion of blender really affect your use of it? I blend along, whatever the folks over at cgtalk think. And, incidentally, I get pretty good reactions over at cgtalk. Why worry? Are you a professional who is losing clients because you use a free program? If you are, I actually agree with the fellow who pointed out that blender is not a high end program. Sure, I love it, but it is lacking in plenty of areas - fluid dynamics, cloth dynamics, easy implementation of volumetric and surface caustics, particle dynamics and interaction, eh, the list goes on.

I suppose that ultimately I want to know, why are you worrying about it? Did you get flamed in some other forum? Is your pride hurt? Or do you actually have a valid concern, such as being an industry “professional” who chooses to use Blender (by the way, I would question that choice.)