Showing others' works in WIP/Finished Projects

As mentioned in my OS thread, my fiancé wants to enter into 3D modelling. Fortunately, she has little to no experience with the standard Windows aplications, other than games, so she won’t be adapting to the different interface as much as starting it with a fresh mind.

Anyway, she doesn’t have a phone of her own and no internet access. She doesn’t come here often, and when she does it’s to watch movies, so she doesn’t really access the internet here.

If I posted her models in WIP would that be frowned upon, since all I’ll be doing is texturing/animating/exporting them, and they probably won’t be textured when I post them?

I want her to get some constructive criticism from places other than my brother and I, so I was planning on posting them and printing out the replies for her.

I don’t see why it should be wrong…

If she wants it you are doing her a favour, and as long as you mention it if you post her work I guess no one should complain…

dude, not a problem. In fact, I believe I’ve seen this done before.

Its shouldnt be a problem.

Just make sure you tell, everyone what her work is when you post it. So we can distinguish your work from hers.

If you post her work without any edits from your side and also specify she has made it, then this should not be a problem.

It is no problem at all. I have seen this done before here, as well as other firums too.

Just ensure you do mention that it is her work and not yours.