Showing textures in design window?

Hello all.

I’m new to Blender, and to the whole 3D graphics thing. I am just working on creating a 3D tile map, which I’m pretty sure I’m doing correctly at the moment (via mesh planes).

What I’m wondering though, is if I can see the Materials/Textures I apply to the plane while in the edit window (the grid). Based on a question I found in the knowledge base, it doesn’t appear to be possible but I wanted to make sure. It would just make things so much easier if I could see the textures on the grid.

Thanks for any help!!

I don’t think so.

Thanks Jordan. Bummer… but thanks. :slight_smile:

What is the best way to see these textures applied? Can I only see them in the static picture that is created through the Render menu? If so, is there an good way to quickly play with the camera so I can concentrate on a specific region?

Thanks again for the help all!

With the camera selected you can hit shift fkey and use your mouse to “fly” around the scene. Left button to move forward (more times you click the faster you go), middle button to reverse, space to stop (set new camera position). Move the mouse to “steer”. You can also place an object where you want to position the camera and with it selected hit ctrl 0 (zero on the number pad) and the camera will snap to the object position pointing at the world origin. assuming your model is there it is a quick way of getting into position for close up rendering of different views. Just place five or six temporary objects around the model and they act as preset camera views. :slight_smile:

edit: Just thought of an even easier way that I’d forgotten about. Move to the view you want and hit cltl alt 0 (num pad) and voila!

You can see it in Textured Mode (Alt-Z), but not very well. The more you subdivide the better it will show, never as well as render though. However, you can get perfect texture representation if you use UVmapping.


Thanks Fly3D and Fligh!

I’m using the camera movements now, which has helped in getting everything lined up. I’ve not gotten the ALT-Z working properly though.

When I hit ALT-Z (or select Textured in the Viewport Shading… I found the menu) all I see are black planes. My materials are Shadless, with an image as a texture. I assume that my problem has something to do with the light source – is there way way I can turn a flood light onto the scene? I don’t need (or want, right now) shadows of any sort.

I did just play a bit with the lamp that appears in the viewport by default… no luck in getting it to show the textures. :frowning:

Lights don’t work in the viewport, it’s all OpenGl. As I said you have to subdivide (you can undo that when you’re done texturing). You might also use bright colors to set it up and when it’s done swap them with the textures for the final render.


Boiler: the only method I use to reposition the camera is Ctrl-Shift-(numpad) 0

Just move around in the viewport until you like how you are lined up. The most you have to do after ctrl-shift-0 (align camera to current view) is move in or out by pressing g then the middle mouse button.