Hi Everyone!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I finally got my tutorial site up and going again (Yay!).

For the first time, I’m testing the water making some larger tutes and putting them up for sale. I’ve got a brand new mega tute on “Making Lush grass in UDK” which I’m very happy to say uses Inkscape, Blender and UDK. And next cab off the rank is another nice big one going through how to build buildings in sketchup, fix them up in Blender and get them through into UDK.

And hopefully - if the whole thing goes well :wink: - I’ll be to do my holy grail of tutes : a complete rpg character system based in Blender for UDK that is iOS compatible (see my example character here :

Anyways, lots more info on the site at

Let me know if you like the new design, and hopefully there’s something there you’ve been looking for :slight_smile: