shrek - green hands

make sure his bottom lip juts out like in the attached pic. yours is getting there but it’s not quite there.

hands are lookin’ good but yes they aren’t stubby enough. you planning on texturing the fingernails?

shrek is back! sort of… ive done all the moddeling now (he actully has teeth, you just cant see em :frowning: ), aprart perhaps fomr any dings that anyone points out, now is just textureing and rigging, ive started to build a rig but im actully hoping someone might sort me out with a face rigging tut cus im very unexperienced in the face rigging department (please please please).

only other thing that has come to my attention is the eye brows, in the head shot, they look ok’ish, but when i zoom out (as u can see) they become just like blobs (just far to think), is there a way to combat this or is it just life? i wasnt sure. anyway hope u all like.

-theblenderboy i tihnk i sorted the lip, what u tihnk?

-aligorith i went back to my references and checked out the cus i could see what was been said, but it turns out his fingers arnt very stubby at all, just fat, they look stubby because generally you normally dont see them spread out, they are almost alwasy curled up a bit. (had to watch the film again to notice this)


ah yes, much better.

are you going to use a bump map for the little vest thing?

he looks good, only his face is a bit too fat I think :wink:
make a texture and do some test lightning with a light colored like the sun(so a bit yellow-orange but very bright), to see how his skin reacts :wink:
glad to see you back to work on Shrek :slight_smile:

WHOA…looks swweeeeetttttt…just like tyhe movie…cool ;D

somethings wrong with the eyebrows…ah, they’re too thick. compare with a reference.

lookin’ good.

for a closeup on the eyebrows get the Shrek game(yes the game!) and check the cover. You’ll see Shrek and his eyebrows in a close-up.

or “Shrek: from the Swamp to the Screen” which is actually a neat book cuz you see the process of them making the films.

or just search amazon and use the picture provided.

If only I would ever be able to come close to this work… great!

some suggestions:

shreks head is pointy but it doesn’t really come to a point. does that make sense?
excuse my lousy drawings…

also, i think you should move the edge around the eyes in a bit, to smooth it off; bring the “edge” of the cheek near the nose down a tiny bit to make them fuller; and adjust the bottom lip some more (i know, im picky about that lip!) so that it curves outwards instead of inwards, making his jaw look bigger and more ogre-ish. see the pic:
check it out:
good luck! this is really coming along nicely!

only a small update, some hair done and tweaks that were pointed out.

-blenderboy - though i didnt notice before your lil doodle was remarkably enlightning. so i have beefed out the chin to make more “ogreish” and smothed out eh top of the eyelids (and i tihnk i smoothed his head off a bit)

-Anicator - i added some more natural light (though thats not a major concern right now)

other than that, played with the eyeborws abit after i found out about forcefeild paths, and gave him some eyelashes (not very visible but look at reference pics and notice they are not big anyway) and realised im gunna have to learn how to UV map to make his skin look good :o .


hey, much better!

and–what! nose hair! eiwwwww…well, i guess he is an ogre…

Yes it is definitely coming along.

Except… the nose hair, I dunno…? tone it down.
I’d like to see maybe the mouth when open with teeth and stuff…

It is a really nice model you got there, Pork. You really got the hang of this!

But I still got some suggestion on the head:

  • The sides of the indent from the nose down to the top of the lips is bending the wrong way. Take a look at a picture of the original Shrek. (Red)

  • Make a sharper “line” or whatever around the mouth. (Blue)


The “real” Shrek:


I am noticing now the eyes are incredibly different to the original Shrek.

The line under his eye needs to be lowered and the overall eye shape has an obvious departure to the eye ball. Maybe you couild model it around the eyeball.

The eyelids and ears need work. The eyelids are not sharp enough, look at your own eyes and that wonderfull reference picture of JMD. His ears are pretty short and also a bit to thick.

Keep it up!

made a few changes. clipped his nose hair :rolleyes: , and i i played with the ears a bit. main thing i done is started work on texturing the waste coat as i know this is gunna be hard.

JMD - i took your sketches into account and ive fliped the way that bit under the nose was facing (it has a technical name im sure but i cant rememebr) and made the indentation around teh mouth a bit more pronouced.

shabubu + anicator - i saw what you meant about eh eyes, they were very differnt, ive made some changes, i know their not perfect but i could spend years trying to get ehm exact so im going to move on (after a bit more tweaking :wink: ). try to tihnk of it tohugh with that really quite nice referecne pic provided by JMD, in that pic he is sad, so his eyes are partaily closed, on my shrek his are “wide open”. (though after looking at the pic while wrtign this i tihnk the eyes are now to big…agree?)

i tihnk thats about it.


it looks like you have a voronoi texture on the vest. i think you’d be better off making your own in gimp or whatever (with really high contrast). then crank the nor value up.

you also need to invert the bump cause shrek does not have those eh… can’t find the word for it. check the real chest plate of Shrek!