Shrink/fatten command not working.

Hello everyone.

I am attempting to rig my mesh with a skeleton. I am following a video tutorial and applying what they do to my different mesh. All is going fine, the only problem that I’m having is that the shrink/fatten command isn’t working at all.

It’s default keybind is ALT-s in editmode, but that does nothing when I try it. Absolutely nothing. The mouse doesn’t even change.
I changed the keybinds so that resize is ALT-s and shrink/fatten is s.
Now ALT-s works fine to resize, but now pressing s does nothing.

There seems to be a problem with the command itself, not the keybind ALT-s. Does anyone know how I can fix this or whether there’s a menu option that I can use instead of the keybinds?

Any help appreciated.

Blender v2.62
Windows 7

Hmm… It works for me, but I’m using Ubuntu. Maybe try downloaded a build from graphicall.

Ctrl-Alt-S to shrink/fatten armature bones (for b-bone display or envelopes).

Alt-S to shrink/fatten object mesh (not bones).

Bone in editmode - Menu > Armature > Transform > Scale Envelope/B-bone.

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Thank you so much.
The Ctrl-Alt-S doesn’t work at all (like earlier when I tried). But the menu way of getting there works. Thank you.

Works for me in XP.

There has been some issues with shortcuts discussed around here lately… mainly ones that use the Alt key if I remember correctly. The bug is it works on one side of the keyboard but not the other. Maybe that’s what got you.

I saw the bug in XP a couple weeks ago, but with a different shortcut (alt-J I think)… and I was using a dev release, so I shrugged it off and moved on. Seems like I’ve seen this behavior in the past too. That’s why I knew to try the other side.

Edit: Btw I think the devs know about this issue and fixed it or working on it.


Hi, I am quite new at Blender and still learning the functions. I tried ALT S but in stead of Shrink/Fatten the selected vertices move aside. I checked the keybound and it said ALT S. How come it is not working as it is indicated in the manual? Can you help me or anyone else more experienced please?