Shrink-wrapping and curves

I am still trying to wrap filigree-like decoration onto a curved surface and I’m really struggling, literally for several months now. I can’t accept that it’s not possible and many of my designs call for this so I really need to learn how to do it.

In the included file, I’ve reduced everything to be as simple as possible. I want a curve, either nurbs or bezier to project onto the cylinder, and then I want to make a mesh follow the curve along the shape of the cylinder.

As you can see in my file, I got the curve to shrinkwrap onto the cylinder shape, but I can’t get the mesh object to follow that same curve. Or I can get the object to follow the curve, but the curve jumps away from the surface of the cylinder. I watched some tutorials where people did this same thing, and their objects seemed to snap right onto the curve.

Also, when I apply the shrink-wrap modifier, the curve falls down below the surface of the cylinder.

In this file, I’m projecting onto a cylinder that is in a different layer.about to scream.blend (571 KB)

  1. Subdivide your curve a few times to get a better match on the cylinder.
  2. Go into Edit mode on the object following the curve. Select and move everything up by 0.11