Shrinking environmental lighting to fit the scene?

Been researching a lot about using HDRI for lighting and reflection.

Question those who are also interested in this.

I’m filming inside a restaurant. And going to recreate certain aspects of that room, so that I can create a fluid sim, and add it to the scene. I’ve created a 360 degree pano hdri image of the area, to recreate the lighting, and also for reflection on the water. If my room is essentially 4 walls and a floor, with one wall has a large window letting in sunlight, and track lighting on the ceiling. Can I shrink my world lighting (which would be my hdri) so that my walls aren’t casting shadows into the scene, but the lights from the ceiling still casting their light properly? Does that make sense. The few tutorials I’ve seen, shows this great big environment, encompassing the small scene.

Im trying to recreate the lighting as realistic as possible. I’m still learning and trying to wraps my head around all this.

Thanks for the help,

So, just for the fluid sim, you will recreate the walls, correct? I haven’t exactly seen a method to “shrink” the pano. But I believe you might be thinking about this in a backwards sort of way?

If I’m reading you right, just try this: create the walls and whatever other geometry you need, bake the fluid sim, and then delete them after baking. You won’t need them and they won’t be casting shadows. Or put them on another layer and don’t render out that layer.

OR create your walls and restrict their visibility in the render.

There are a whole bunch of ways to achieve this- but I don’t think shrinking the pano is one of them! :yes:

Unless, of course, I have completely misread your question…


Thanks for the reply Sam. You are correct, I guess I wasn’t looking at it correctly. I didn’t think to delete the geometry, after baking the fluid sim. That makes complete sense. I was thinking I wouldn’t render the walls, but didn’t know how to set the to allow light to pass through them. Makes more sense to just get rid of them, once the sim is baked.

Im doing this little project, just simply to learn Blender. I do a lot of tutorials, and they have helped me learn a lot about Blender. But I don’t truly feel like I know what I’m doing, until I create a few projects of my own, then go out and figure out how to make all the little parts work. I feel like if I can pull this off, and make it look realistic, I will have achieved my goal.

Im also doing to try and create some tables and chairs being effected by the flow of water. So I’m modeling tables and chairs, that look like the actual ones in the restaurant. Then I’ll be animating them, and trying to time the animation correctly in the fluid sim, as they will also be collision objects for the sim.

Sounds like fun! Good luck!