ShrinkWarp for Shrink Sleeve

Hello everybody, I apologized for my bad English surment, I am a French student, I currently work in Blender 2.57b on a Mac, I aim to make a python plug-in for simulating a 3D Retractable sleeve. I started by looking at the plugin ShrinWrap but this one does not fully meet my needs, I would like to know if you know a plugin of its kind ShrinkWrap but more complex to manage, for example, tear the deformation of the texture, heat …

Here’s my goal:

In fact, the plugin is not compatible ShrinkWrap because I think it is not precise enough … I predict the deformation of the image, it is necessary that I find the best way to get there …

I hope you can help me

Thank you in advance!

I watched the video and I’m surprised that shrinkwrap doesn’t suit your purpose.
Have you tried the ‘Keep Above Surface’ option?

Seems like some combination of subsurf, shrinkwrap, and shapekeys should be able to accomplish what you want.

Thank you for your answer !

Okay, I’ll try it out then! Thank you for theses informations !

I tried the option ‘Keep Above surface’ in version 47 of Blender, but I did not find in the new version, the menus are very very different, and I really look everywhere, not way to find this option ‘Keep Above Surface’. Do you know a good tutorial to understand how the Shapes Keys?

Thank you very much for your help.