shrinkwrap a skull

2.49b Is this blend a reasonable approach? I haven’t done any modeling at all before trying to make this shrinkwrap, so I don’t really know what I’m doing.

I’m trying to do it because I want to use a skull as a semi-transparent spatial reference for the brain, and the skull is so detailed that aspects like the thickness of the cranium and also the cranial sutures show through onto the brain, which is distracting, and all I can think of to eliminate that, and also to reduce the poly count, is to make an alternative shrinkwrap object to use. If there’s a better way, I’d appreciate being told!

Also, any suggestions as to how to make the shrinkwrap go up into the jaw, and into the eye sockets?

Oh, and if what I’ve done is reasonable, is it possible to “cut” the left half of the box enclosing the skull off, and “flip” what I did on the right side over to the left side, instead of doing the left side all over again?

Thanks for any help!

you can use 2.63 !

but shrikwrap will do certain things but cannot really go inward to do the inside!
you could use retopo
also do retopo using greasepencil
there are good video tut on this subject

but doing the whole cranium is a job and require patience to do!

wish there was a faster way
may be copy you model and manually remove the high res part !
might be faster then retopo!

there is also remesh that might help redo try it and see if you the result.

you could also use the laplace modifier whih does not realy reduce the verts count but will remove high res parts on your model then apply it !

i guess you have to experiment with some of the tools and see which one is the best


If I “poke” the cube mesh inward into the eyes and up into the jaw from below, won’t shrinkwrap move it to the inner surfaces?

My basic problem is I don’t know the tools! :slight_smile: So, if I’m on the right track, and can get one side ready to shrinkwrap, is there a tool/way to cut off the left half and somehow copy/mirror/etc the right side over to the left?

And how much attention do I have to pay to making “enough” vertices to make a “tight” wrap? That is, will the tool add/make enough vertices for the box to fit tight up against the skull?

yes if you cut it in 2
then add a cylinder or sphere around you 1/2 skull then
with enough loops it will wrap on your skull
select different option to see what it gives
like projection or other option

see if it gives good enough layout on your skull


The shape is complex; eye sockets and cheekbones. One way to simplify is to shrink wrap general area of the Skull segment at a time and later join them. But retopo is the way to go:

Thanks guys, I’ll continue to play with it for a while, but I may have bitten off more than I can chew, and the skull is not absolutely necessary for showing the brain, just kind of spiffy.