Shrinkwrap and Curve modifier?

Hello. Thank you for seeing my post.

Now I’m learning shrinkwrap and curve modifier.
This time, I want to shrinkwrap a curve on an object, and I also want to deform a stick following the shape of the curve.
Eventhough I add curve modifier on the stick, the stick doesn’t deform as the curve is.
I’d appreciate if you could help me.


curve.blend (495 KB)
You could duplicate wall profile edge and convert to curve, alternatively.

Not sure what do you call “stick” though. Curve has Shrinkwrap mod and target is modified Cube, so you can’t really expect to modify curve and get Cube to follow. That would be some kind of cyclic dependency like pulling yourself by hair out of the water…

rofl the idea of someone pulling themselves out the water by there own hair is too funny ~ gonna be giggling all day now and its eppo’s fault lol

Thank you very much for replying!
I watched a video on YouTube in which a tutor was using shrinkwrap and curve modifier very well ( In the video, he shrinkwrapped a curve on a object, then he arrayed a lot of objects along the curve.
So, I thought I could make an object deform along the curve as he did using array modifier.

But seems my way isn’t correct way of using curve modifier. Thank you I’m going study and try your way!

lol I got the meaning of the last sentence. Maybe this is the first time for me to read directly someone’s joke in English.

Well, he had a bit more involved scenario: subdivided (a lot) ground plane, Curve which was set to modify another plane which had Array modifier.
Hill (ground plane) was set to Shrinkwrap to plane array in Z direction. Thus, part of the ground plane faces were pulled up to the array of smaller planes.
Here is something similar to play with