shrinkwrap extrude question

hello out there
another headbreaker (for me )
so… I wanted some decoration to raise out of a flattened cylinder…

  1. seems like my decoration ( 3 stylized C s) get smaller when shrinkwrapped upon object… is this normal or optical Illusion ?
  2. once applied the modifier, I want to extrude along normals of big object… but they just extrude in Z axis (red arrows)…is it possible to extrude with normals of flatcylinder (black arrows) ??
    thanks in advance


A couple of options to try

Alt+E / Extrude vertex normals

or Solidify modifier

thanks a lot Maestro
i tried with the both extrudes on the T Panel and didn t work…
Alt E vertex normals did the job
still around in Basics and Interface after all this time… … still discovering