Shrinkwrap glitch?

(Blender Gorilla) #1

Using 2.9. I want to morph between two obj models so I applied a shrinkwrap modifier as a shape key but I get a glitch above the ears in the model’s “after” version, which in this case is without the extra brain tissue. Both models are 1.5 million verts.

It could be the high vert count but is there something anyone knows that definitively caused the ear glitch?

(yogyog) #2

I think the problem is that some of the verts from the … “brain extrusion” … are closer to the ear than the scalp, and so they’s jumped there when you’ve shrinkwrapped.

(Blender Gorilla) #3

I went about the basic idea in a different way resulting in a different result. I’ll have to experiment with morphs when I have more time.