Shrinkwrap help - Creating hood vents


Trying to create some hood vents for my first Blender car. I’m using the Shrinkwrap Mod to keep the mesh smooth, but it’s still creating creases.

See attached blender file
hood test.blend (750.9 KB)

With the mod:


Guide mesh:

What am i doing wrong? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello ejepeje. You use ngons, this is generally bad in combination with the subdiv modifier. A small modification in the manner as in the attached picture (making quads out of the ngons) could already improve the result. I hope that helps …

Thanks Ruwo! Help alot :slight_smile:

Although if i added the quads on all of the vents it created very sharp edges in general over the new cuts. This was the best compromise i found

I’ll rework the guide mesh as i guess it was pretty low poly as well