Shrinkwrap in 2.8. It's much better

I have had my share of issues with blender 2.8 and said so, but I just used the shrinkwrap mod in it for the first time and wow! It’s really been improved.

If you’ve avoided shrinkwrap in the past due to issues with it you should really give it a try in 2.8. I found it to be vastly easier and better than ever before.

Hey, I believe in giving praise where praise is due.


Affirmative Sir!

Um, btw, has Boolean ops improved like shrinwkraping has?

not yet, Howard is refactoring it

And the plan is for the new algorithm to be able to handle perfectly overlapping faces and edges between the two objects or volumes to be merged.

That is not yet in 2.8, however, the boolean modifier is now a lot more useful in a stack because of the new Weld modifier.

Shrinkwrap needs an accurate representation of where polys are in edit mode in the poly build tool when the modifier has “show in edit mode” on. It’s a must for retopo.