Shrinkwrap is driving me crazy! Any help appreciated!

Hey Guys I’ve been fighting with this Shrinkrwap issue for the past couple of hours and can’t get it to work properly.

I’ve retopolized my model based on my sculpt and now I’d like to project the details onto the retopo model with the multires and shrinkwrap modifier.

On the right you can see my modifier settings.
On the second image I’ve created a certex group to exclude the inside of the mouth and the eyes, that helped a bit with cleaning up the shrink wrap results but it’s still not completely there.

I would greatly appreciate any advice!!!

![Shrinkwrap Issue01|690x459](upload://xAJwVQdOsQJSgn10dsPlpbyWqwo.jpeg) ![Shrinkwrap Issue02|690x410](upload://8BLQnnWWB1EcGLqYYu3gux2gIcO.jpeg)

Oh yes, shrink wrapping with weigths… just dreaming…

Set it to project and then check positive and negative.

Did both, unfortunately there are still some glitchy vertex artefacts

here from a different angle.

Thanks for the feedback so far !

Well you didnt set the vertex group to exclude the inner part… The visible mesh looks good its the verts inside the mouth or other parts that are causing this.

Real nice model

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Thank you!

I’ll give it a try and ee how it goes, thanks!