Shrinkwrap model so the subdivided result fits the original?

I’m wondering if there’s anyway to shrinkwrap a model while taking into account subdivision shrinkage. I would’ve expected Shrinkwrap Project Mode with Subsurf Levels to do that, doesn’t seem to do much of anything (direction negative and positive are checked). It moves vertices around, but the subdivided model still shrinks.

I’ve gotten close using a multires modifier before the shrinkwrap, then applying the Shrinkwrap and clicking Apply Base on Multires, but the second I get rid of multires and switch to vanilla subdivision it noticeably oversized. I’ve experimented with negative values for Offset (Shrinkwrap) but ultimately it’s still less precise than I want. Once subdivided, some areas shrink too much, others not enough.

I understand that some details will be lost simply because the lower resolution model is, well, lower resolution, but I’d like to get the overall size and shape to match without manually readjusting every vertice if possible.

Blend file please! I cannot see your model from where I am now…



Shrink-wrapped plane to UV sphere (16x8 vertices):

Added Sub-division Mod to Sphere:

Applied Shrinkwrap Mod to plane, deleted sphere:

Thank you for the response. In this file I’m retopologizing a MakeHuman foot based on the topology shown in a CGCookie tutorial. Here’s the blend file:
foot-Retopo.blend (1.3 MB)
Subdivision doesn’t work as well as Multiresolution in this because because of the excessive shrinkage and lost detail when Shrinkwrap is applied.

In the blend file, foot.modifiers is the one in the middle image. As you can see, using subdivision+shrinkwrap results in lost volume and detail (foot.Subdivision in the file, or first image). The third foot in the image (foot.Multires in the file) is closer to correct, since it preserves some of the detail but increases in bulk as soon as Apply Base is used and Multires is deleted.

I’ve experimented with using a negative offset for the shrinkwrap to make up for the extra bulk (not saved in file) but then it ends but being slightly too small in some areas, slightly oversized in others.