shrinkwrap modifier > index mode

Hi, this would be an easy to implement addition I think -I’m sure it has been talked before-

Shape Keys have an option to use vertex group weights as blending ‘factor’, problem is this weights can not be changed in realtime with tools like Dynamic Paint or the Vertex Proximity modifier.

So, a nice workaround could be this ‘direct’ or ‘index’ mode in a Shrinkwrap modifier, so having two meshes with identical topology but different shapes would allow some powerful animations and setups. I could feed this Shrinkwrap mod with the weights generated with Dynamic Paint for instance… Wrote a tiny script to emulate this behavior and worked ok, but the real thing would be much better.

Here is a little file to illustrate what kind of animations I’m talking about:
If there is something obvious I am missing please tell, also didn’t know where to post this -it’s a feature request in fact!-

This would be great.

To be honest I don’t understand
why Shape Keys can’t be controlled
by a Falloff/Vertex Group Modifier
of some sort. This would allow for
a lot of interesting effects.

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