Shrinkwrap modifier.. masking??

hello blenderfamily
is there a way to control where the shrinkwrapped mesh can go and where not??
for example i want to shrinkwrap the green mesh on the blue part… but not on the red…

seems everytime it wraps just everywhere…
is there a way to control where it can go…and where not …
like a masking feature or so ???

thanks a bunch in advance

PS when I try vertex group there s no group that shows up :frowning:

shrinkwrap test.blend (444 KB)

this is the right file

The vertex group is for the object the modifier resides on, not the target. This is for things like… shrinkwrapping only the head of a fullbody human mesh to a separate head mesh.

What exactly are you trying to do? There’s probably a better method if we know what the actual application this is being done for. Because as far as I know there isn’t a way to do what you demonstrated in your images, aside from changing the geometry + placement of the shrinkwrapped object.

I am just trying to fill/cover up the blue area, nothing less, nothing more…
that s what I feared for : “only will work by changing geometry and placement…”
no mask or target vertex group :frowning:

This object should be easy if you start from the blue part. Or - one loop from the red walls could be used to knife project blue surface which you then could snap into place. Could be a bit tricky to adjust though if there is no symmetry.

thanks mister
but I just don t fully understand the knife project trick
could you give little extra explanation?

Starting from 1, if i got the base right - make one loop, separate into a new Obj - P key.
Position this loop above surface you want as a top; select loop first then Shift select surface and switch edit mode.
Top Ortho view, press Knife Project button on tool shelf.
P separate selection into a new object or invert selection and delete - faces.
If you deleted inverted, extrude selected vertices Z as needed. For the new obj, do the same.
Scale bottom vertices Z0 to flatten.

liels paldies

I really appreciate that
very helpful and well explained
thanks again for taking the time

Nav par ko ;).

Additionally, you could join top and base so that objects intersect each other, use “Intersect (Knife)” [for a new versions of Blender; there was only Intersect available earlier] you can find in Space bar search and after check option Self Intersect (Toolshelf or F6 popup) clean up not needed vertices.
This will leave n-gons though.

thanks again–