"Shrinkwrap", to same mesh

I’d like to conform a subdivided plane to a curved surface, within the same mesh (ie the same Object Data, iow it’s not two objects so I can’t use the Shrinkwrap modifier).

Snapping doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, since there are many faces that need to be conformed en masse. Maybe it could work but I haven’t hit the write combination of settings.

How would one do this, or do you have to conform it in a different Object and copy it over?

You could just select the part of the mesh you want to conform to, press shift-d and then p to create a new object with just this part of the mesh.

Yeah… except that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid (having 2 meshes).

A local guru said using SW with a vertex map would allow me to use SW within the same mesh (!!!). Gonna give that a whirl. EDIT: doesn’t seem to work.

Vertex group allows you to use SW to selected vertexes but a object cant be a SW target of itself. So, no, you cant use SW with one object. You have to separate to two, use SW, apply it and joint it again. Btw, why is it important to have only one object?

Just trying to avoid steps, learning.

you can always join them in the same object after the operation, its not really the same “mesh”, think of it more like “grouping”, in this instance