Shrinkwrapping a curve without deformation

I have a chair where I want to create a black seam along an edge. I have created a curve, beveled it, lined it up about where I want the seam, and have applied a shrinkwrap to the curve. This works except that it also deforms the mesh that is being generated out of the curve. I want only the curve to be shrinkwrapped.

Any insight is much appreciated.

Quick test worked for me, is this sort of what you want. make sure you have enough points on your curve, and a sufficient U resolution as well… Make sure it says full not half or front etc and fill deformed is checked (although no difference for me on that last).

Mesh generated out of your curve? I don’t understand this unless you ae not really talking about a mesh but the curve ‘surface’. The shrinkwrap modifier also has an offset option that should be used to get the curve above the surface, and the closest suface (edit: sorry, nearest surface - see following post) method should work better than project.

A screenshot or file would help if you are still having problems.

Try this…


it’s crucial that you click the last button in the modifier top row that applies the modifier to the points of the curve rather than the filled curve which will flatten it. that’s the button that looks like a bedsheet with two eyes…
If you are using NURBS curves you especially also need to subdivide or increase number of points when shrinkwrapping.

Thanks a lot for the help. Basically, my problem was that the shape was pretty complex and when I shrinkwrapped the points of the curve instead of the tessellated mesh then parts of the curve would end up inside of the chair. This would have required me to either subdivide the curve to like a hundred points or simply do it manually. I was hoping to avoid having to do it manually, but after I gave up and accepted my fate, I did it in, like, ten minutes.

So yeah. I wasted a whole lot more time trying to solve a problem to avoid doing something that, in the end, took me less time than it takes to make a sandwich.

Regardless, thanks again for your input.