Shrke Jingerbread

Hi there!, I´ve been working on this for about 3 hours, and this is what i´ve got, i pretty like it, but I still don´t like the glass, ive tryied with yafray but I couldn´t manage to make it look well, if you need it I give you the .blend file, ask for it because I will have to upload it… of course c&c are always welcome!

Thank you!!


Cool! It’s the one from Shrek 2. :slight_smile:

Hmm, the glass looks pretty good, but I think the stuff pouring into it could use some improvement. Perhaps it should be a bit transparent, or reflective, to make it look liquid? Overall, it’s a nice piece!

The liquid in the glass looks a bit noisy. Smoother might be better. Also, I think the Shrek gingerbread man was wider and thinner–especially the legs should be flatter. Pretty cool though