Shroom Adorer boned and ready to groove.

(dickie) #1

He’s pretty much a done deal now.
boned and textured.

(kaktuswasse) #2

yeah,that rocks! Plz give us a little animation…please!

(slikdigit) #3

damn cool!
textures stretching a bit on the head/hat/shroom area, or they look like it (on the sides in the top pic).

(Da Bourz) #4


(dickie) #5

theses arez twoz clips, very fast.
justes des tests.

(Ecks) #6

WOW!!! Nice …ehh…shroom!
The video of the adorer is a little bit too fast but the other is perfect! You are a great modeller and animator!

(Da Bourz) #7

Hum, un “petit Français” ???

(dickie) #8

Hum, un “petit Français” ???

ha! lol. ouais! tu le sais!
en fait je suis pas francais
bien que des fois je fasse beaucoup d’efforts
pour m’en convaincre autrement.
y’a 2 ans j’y vivais, c’etait super!!!
et puis on m’a arrache de la france et m’a
remis dans un trou des USA avec rien que
mes memoires de ce pays incroyable…

c’est trop, quoi. j’y peux plus.

(BgDM) #9

Well, I know I said that I wouldn’t be around for a few weeks, but I am still sticking my head in hear once in a while to see what’s going on.

So dickie, I have to say, Holy Friggin Crap MAN!!! :o I see you toke my advice on the bump map for the bottom of the head. Looks fantastic! Gives it that little bit extra that I think was missing. The animations were incredible as well.

I am in awe and can’t wait to see the full animation. You better have it done by the time I get back. :wink:


(kaktuswasse) #10

well,can you please make a avi or mpeg? I’m not able to view quicktime here
under linux :frowning: