Shroom Goddess-----2 new images.

(dickie) #1

i’ve finally found the time to pop out a couple
stills that i thought embodied the essence
and mood i’m shooting for within the animation.

follow this link for a look:

i still have a couple more models to complete
and rig before attacking the final animation…

modeling: lightwave, blender, wings.
rendering: blender, after effects.

(S68) #2

:o Owwww :o (reaction to the ‘Adoration’ pic)

:o Oowww :o (reaction to the ‘Walk’ pic)

? where is plain coffe ? (reaction to the poll)


(dickie) #3

? where is plain coffe ? (reaction to the poll)


(pofo) #4

This is really good!

When do you think the animation will be ready?

I’ll stick with tea thank you.

  1. pofo

/thought my signature poem fit pretty well with your stills :wink:

(dickie) #5

When do you think the animation will be ready?

i’m really not sure.
there’s still a couple characters i have to make…

(theeth) #6

I’ll take a martini, shaken, not stirred…



(MoreK) #7

Awesome. Waiting for the animation. How long movie it will be? Do you already have music & sound for it?

(dickie) #8

How long movie it will be? Do you already have music & sound for it?

probally 1-2 minutes in total length.
a very short short.
ummmm…as far as sound and music…
i don’t have anything compiled as yet.

(blengine) #9

hmmm… :o :o :o
=) great pics dickie, got any sketches done for your other characters u still have to make that we could see?
i think u heard it from me before, like i care :wink: ill say it anyway! “i love your textures! im jealous!”…ahem…::pulls self together and drinks his favorite caffenated beverage…TEA!::


(MoreK) #10

Would you like to get some help with music & sounds? I’ve been composing and doing sound designing for (small budget) theatre and film for years. If you are interested I could send you couple of MP3 samples to help you make up your mind. And if you decide - after that - that you won’t need any help, it’s ok. I’m just very inspired of your work and the character you created, and since it will be a very short film that would fit to my schedule fine.

I’m working with Cakewalk/Sonar, Emu sampler, Roland Gen.Midi module, Korg synth/keyboard, Soundfonts, Tassman PC synth, Neumann and AKG mics etc. And instruments like guitars (electric, acoustic), violin, clarinet, accordian, percussions etc.

What do you say?

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(LohnS) #11

yo moreK. I’m currently managing/directing a CG movie in production which wil be made heavily in blender. We are currently looking for a good sound artist to help out. If you would like to there wil most probably be an opening for you. If you are interested you can PM me or post here =).

ps. big credit will be givin, we love our sounds =D.

ok back to the topic. all i can say to your shroom godess is WOW. very well modelled, nice smooth build (no etchy polygon squashes =) and amazing texturing, great work =D. Can’t wait to see the animation.

(dickie) #12

…very tempting! :slight_smile:
have you got a
link to your work
that you could direct me to?

here’s my addy, throw me a line:
[email protected]

(MoreK) #13

It sounds like I have to finally put a portfolio of my music and sound work together to web.

dickie: I’ll contact you as soon as I got the stuff in Internet. That’ll be very soon, tomorrow or - in a worst case - beginning of the next week. (we’ve got mid summer festivals this weekend, it’s a big celebration here where I live - so I won’t be working much)

NEO: How long your film will be and what is your schedule? I’m pretty busy with couple of other projects, and I really can’t take much more - at least in the near future. But I would be really interested in seeing your stuff - you have any samples or anything which I could take a look?


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(wewa_juicyb) #14

what’s wrong with water? or milk, I mean not all ppl like fiz you know…
*side note: Nice picture.

(eeshlo) #15

Beautiful, awesome, fantastic, amazing, gorgeous, inspiring, and other superlatives come to mind as always…
I am just going to copy & paste this message for any future work you do…

(MoreK) #16

dickie, NEO:

I’ve got now some samples in

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