Skyscraper in the background:


Full resolution:

You better give yourself a pat on the back cuz This is some amazing work.
The difference between the blender result and the one from photoshop is huge great work my friend :slight_smile:

Thx WinterCG;) glad u like it:)

The flare from the sun you added in post completely overshadows the subject.
In general the subject doesnt stand out in the raw render and then you added so much stuff to the image that i needed to actually actively search for a “shroom” in the picture.

I’d rethink the composition from the ground up.
Also why the dutch tilt?

I suppose i was trying to make it a bit more dynamic by tilting the camera. Don’t know if it worked:D
And yes, I agree that the subject doesn’t really stand out:P

Thx for your comment Adam :slight_smile:

Looks great! But the composition is done in such a way that the mushroom is pointing at the sun(flair),and it looks like we should be focusing at the sun and not the “shroom”,even the grass is pointing at the sun. If you work on composition this would be a great art peace, because everything else is done really well

Thanks for the critique;) Does anyone know any good books/videos/articles on composition? :slight_smile:

Blender Guru has a video on the topic:

thanks for that :wink:

Good job. Cool idea :slight_smile: