I made this pretty quickly in just the last couple of hours, nothin big :slight_smile:

Wow,i like this render alot! :smiley: any way you could post a higher res picture?

Haha that full 1080p right there but yeah i can try

Thanks, i want to use it for my desktop BG so could you make it 1366X768. I know, thats pretty big lol:D

I’m gonna upload it to deviant art, ill give the link in a bit

OK, thanks :slight_smile:

there ya go :slight_smile: BTW if you’re wondering bout the name there should be a post a while back about it

Awesome. Very nice desktop background :smiley: Keep it up:)

I sure will! Thanks!

I like it. maybe improve the lighting a bit? make it more dynamic? but that’s just a nitpick.

good work!

Yes lighting was a very short portion of the time I spent on this so i think i will go back and better the lighting and maybe add more detail to

some leaves and sticks and I made the lighting a bit darker and the vignette bigger, critiques very welcome :smiley:

Deviantart link:

that looks great!

maybe you could ad some nodes to make the spots stand out and glow a bit more
and possibly change the color of the text slightly to make it more visible

I already have nodes set up for those but i can revisit them and make them brighter

more like this?? that’s really as bright as i can go