How would i model this shrub in high poly? I was thinking maybe do a block then try topiary but I dont think thats the answer. I cant find any shrubs or hedge tutorials online. Pic below of what I mean but high poly

will this add on work with 2.79?

IDK, I don’t use it, but from description it should work with 2.7x & 2.8.

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Hi Allan,

yes, Space Tree Pro is available for 2.79 as well as for 2.80 . When you buy the product you can download both versions (or just the one you need, it is not a single add-on because the 2.80 API is different from the 2.79 and maintaining a combined add-on that works for both is a lot of effort). Be aware that any future development will most likely NOT be back ported to the 2.79 though, although the 2.79 version will stay available for customers.


– Michel.

You can also use the included in Blender addon “add curve: sapling tree gen” I think you could get a good result by playing with the controls…only problem as with all add functions, if you click anywhere you can’t change anything, sometimes with F9 you can get back to functions, if you haven’t done anything else…1 minute shrub setup, could get better with more testing…

Add-on this, plug-in that! Why can’t you just create a mesh in the basic shape of your shrub, then create a leaf mesh and attach a hair particle system to it? Get a good leaf material, play with your particle settings and you’re golden.

Here’s literally 5 minutes of effort…

…dedicate five more minutes and you’ll be posting it here sayin’ “look what I did!” :laughing:

no offence but it kinda looks like 5 minutes of effort

:laughing: Jerzy, of course it does! It’s the default cube with a 8-vertices leaf, Principled BDSF green! But still, as I said, dedicate five more minutes to it and I’m sure, especially you, talented lad that you are, could make it verisimilar!

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