Shtroodle - updated 2.6.


I am trying to create rigged model of monster-creature for some wicked animation.
I have finished modeling, which i am satisfied with, but i have problem with rigging. Particullary with constrains. Do you know any good tutorial about aramtures and constrains? I tried wikibooks, but articles were empty.

Textures are coming soon after i solve the rigging.

So comments are welcome.

(Yeah and BTW this is my first try at rigging and animation.)

Here is prewiev render:

And prewiev animation (1.5 Mb):

Funky character. I’m not sure whether it’s just the pose the character is in, but some bones (leg bones) look like they are slightly rotated and out of place.


I don’t know where the best tutorials are for rigging but if you want something that already works, I’d suggest that you use either the Ludwig or Mancandy rigs for your character. You can find them in my signature “Best of Blender”.

What specific constraints are you trying to use?


I am trying to use IK solvers, but i want to find out how to use the other ones. I dont know what they are for. I am most interested in floor constrain, because i want my character to stand on solid ground and not to go through it.

I also want to prevent character from the foot-floating-sliding effect.

Anyway thanks for comments

Search for sketchy’s Ludwig, bassam\slikdigit’s Mancandy, nozzy’s ‘person’ rigs for ideas on how to use various constraints.

The best way to prevent the foot-floating-sliding effect, is by careful and manual animation (i.e. not using walkcycles). Although it might be favourable to use walkcycles, you need to get your settings for stride paths right.



So, finally after exams, i have time to move on on this project.
Here is my first try at handdrawn bumpmapping.

Colormap is on way.

Anyway, comments are welcome!


I really like the eye. It reminds me of Day Of The Tentacle.

The bump-mapping looks good, except on the hair-thingie. Has it a bit stretched.

Can’t wait to see the color mapping.

I liked it more without a bump map, but experiment with a few other bump maps.

Can’t wait to see it fully textured… :wink:


Before rigging - how do you want him to move? Do you imagine him stretching and squashing or is he quite rigid? As for a tutorial, this is quite simple and slightly out of date:

What I do is create a second Armature object called IK for each of the handles you want to manipulate your chap by. Name all the bones in the object in IK and remember the names. Go into his genuine armature. I Pose Mode find each of the bones into it that should connect to your new handles, and select Constraints > Add >> IK Constraints. In OB: type IK, and in BO: type the name of the handle.

and I have to say - what an origonal beastie! You don’t see things like that every day! Like it. Are those test-tubes sticking out of his sholder?

Thanks for all comments!

postlogic - Yeah, now that you mentioned Day of the Tentacle, it reminds me it too, but it wasnt meant to. For the hair bumpmap, ill try to play with it and tweak it.

- Well, as i said, this is my first bumpmap made by myself, so it`s not perfect. But i am quite satisfied with it. The raw model looked plain.

yogyog - Thanks for that link, actually my rig was created with help of this tutorial, but i got quite lost due to small differencies between versions. Anyway, ive lost the link, so i am happy to have it again. About the way he should move..., erm, try to look at test animation in first post. It should move a little cartoony, but not much squashing and stretching. You know, hes fat and his huge arm doesn`t make it easy for him to move flexible.

Yeah and that thingies on his shoulders are tubes, he he, i don`t even know why i designed them here, it looked cool. They should be little transparent and green light shining.

the most currant documentation is
section IX and section IX cover rigging, most of it is more currant than the old manuel.

for tutorials
try tinks on the official links page,

my personal favorite is oto the cleeners i found it very easy to follow and covered all the basics of rigging

loving ur model :wink:

This looks great! I’m assuming you’re using that new z-brush-like program? Or disp maps? [edit]nvm[/edit]

I still like the character and it should turn out to be bad-ass.