Shumetsua - Sketchbook


I had just recently started with 3D with a little crash course for 3Ds Max.
[TABLE=“class: grid, width: 600”]

This was my last work in 3Ds Max. Playing around with its free modeling options on a downloaded human obj (creating an own human like head out of a sphere, or kube just took to long and that grid way with two pictures of the face, felt too booring too. working with 3D as if it is like clay is much more fun than wires and polygons)

And my first good looking render output in 3Ds max. I would have added more stuff to it, but… rending just one image like this took already so long. And since it was at the crash course, i couldn’t just watch tv until it finished the render :frowning:

And here is my second render. I wanted to trick aroun to get that look of a creepy night scene, with a forest outside and the light just falling through the window. But i endet up with 3 light sources in the end. One for the real light. An other to make the other stuff a little bit visible, and the 3rd one to light the image outside. I’m not sure if that would be the usual way to do it.

It has been just some play around and I claim no right for that images since some parts like the chair had been out of a learning CD. I’m just starting and hope to be able to create some real breathtaking works after some time too.

But I have to say I wasn’t very enthusiastic about the sculpting possibilities in 3ds Max.
thats why i wanted to try some alternative 3D tools and endet up with Sculptris now, trying to create an Anime-Cartoon like character with it. But there are alredy some new problems to solve, like adding bones for changing poses more easy or adding hair. Now i’m here trying out to understand Blender and freaked out about the right click method.
But i hope I will start to get into this and be able to love it.